FAQ for Virtual Training Institute (VTI)

Browse through these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you are not able to find an answer to your query, feel free to write to us

The Virtual Training Institute is an online interactive non-promotional physician learning platform for minimally invasive therapies, offered by Boston Scientific under its initiative EDUCARE.

EDUCARE is a comprehensive suite of education and training programs that support healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care worldwide.

a. Click on the ‘Sign-up’ button available on the homepage.

b. Fill in all the required details and click on ‘Register’.

c. Visit your inbox to click on the activation link received in your registered email address.

d. Once you have registered, you only need to enter your registered email address to access the portal for future logins.

Physicians as well as Allied Health Care Professionals such as technicians and nurses can register on VTI.

a. You can explore the ‘Learning Resources’ section, for a rich repository of procedure videos, case studies and presentations, contributed by leading KOL’s. All learning material has been categorized by specialty and disease condition.

b. You can explore the EDUCARE Courses’ section for systematic didactic content, categorized by specialty. Each course has been divided into modules for in-depth learning.

Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Interventions, G.I Endoscopy, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Structural Heart, Electrophysiology, Neuromodulation, Urology and Pelvic Health are currently available on VTI. More specialties are likely to be introduced in the future.

You can search for a key word by typing in the ‘Search by’ box, available at the top right corner of the portal. The section allows you to filter and search for content by specialty, author name and content type.

a. You can bookmark content via ‘add to briefcase’ feature

b. You can ask a question to the author

c. You can share the content with a fellow professional on email

Physicians can contribute their own case studies, procedure videos and therapy presentations via any of the following:

i) Click on the homepage tile ‘Share your Interventional Skills on VTI

ii) Click on the ‘Upload Case’, button, available on the shortcut menu on the portal.

iii) You can also reach out your BSC representative for more details.

Each content received goes through an internal review process before being published on the VTI. You shall be notified when your content goes live.

All content uploaded on VTI includes the owner’s profile in the form of his name, image and affiliations. Users can only view the content online. No contributed content can be downloaded, saved or printed.

You can visit the “Institute for Advancing Science” section on VTI to know more about skill trainings centers across the APAC region. You can also visit the Events Calendar section to know about upcoming BSC trainings in your area. For more details, please reach out to your BSC representative.

a. Yes, the ‘Events Calendar’ will provide you information on all upcoming Boston Scientific Training Events and Workshops.

b. You can filter the search results by event type, specialty or IAS locations.

c. You can only register yourself for the event, by clicking on the ‘Attend a Program’ button.

VTI contains many presentations & recorded footages from programs endorsed by Asia-Pacific Heart Rhythm Society, Asia-Pacific Society of Cardiac Interventions, South African Society of Cardiac Interventions, Pan-African Society of Cardiology, Endourological Society (US), Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions (US) and World Endoscopy Organization (US).

a. The VTI is not a product centric learning platform but rather provides procedure focused therapy areas and treatment techniques for minimally invasive therapies.

b. Each content has been meticulously classified into different topics and sub-topics for a quick access by the physician.

c. The VTI provides a peer-to-peer learning exchange platform for Physicians and Allied Health Care Professionals.

The VTI offers:

a. High-quality content and hands-on training program courses developed in collaboration with global thought leaders.

b. Anytime and anywhere access to latest clinical procedures.

c. Enhanced knowledge via peer-to-peer communication.

d. Advanced procedural techniques from global though leaders.

e. Systematic introduction to key procedural learning in your chosen specialty.

f. One-stop learning access to other related specialties of our interest.

With VTI:

a. Engage in online peer-to-peer learning exchange.

b. Showcase your clinical knowledge and skillset with the APAC medical fraternity.

c. Utilize as an effective teaching aid for experts to teach budding or clinicians.

EDUCARE Virtual Training Institute is a non-promotional online education & training portal, providing physicians and allied health care professionals a procedure-based peer-to-peer learning platform for minimally invasive therapies. Learning resources are available in all therapy areas served by Boston Scientific such as Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Intervention, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Structural Heart Disease, Electrophysiology, GI Endoscopy, Neuromodulation and Urology.