• Module 1 - Patient Selection for Endovascular Intervention
  • Module 2 - Anatomical Challenges in the Management of Femoral and Below-the-Knee Arterial Disease
  • Module 3 - Diagnosis of Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Module 4 - Access Strategies for Endovascular Interventions
  • Module 5 - Endovascular Access - Device Selection
  • Module 6 - Techniques for Revascularization
  • Module 7 - Complications and Management
  • Module 8 - Case Studies and Other Videos
  • 8.1 - Case Study : Below the Knee Revascularization
  • 8.2 - Access Routes
  • 8.3 - Case Study : Kissing Stents
  • 8.4 - Case Study: Retrograde Puncture Techniques
  • 8.5 - Case Study : Brachial Puncture Technique
  • 8.6 - Choice Of Stents
  • 8.7 - Case Study : Femoral Access Technique
  • 8.8 - OffRoad™ Re-entry Catheter Device Animation
  • 8.9 - TruePath™ Chronic Total Occlusion Device Animation

Latest Technology : Endovascular Interventions in Peripheral Artery Disease

Endovascular Interventions in Peripheral Artery Disease

Endovascular Interventions in Peripheral Artery Disease

  • 8.8 - OffRoad™ Re-entry Catheter Device Animation

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